Privacy Policy

All members of Marriage Creator can be rest assured that the profile created on this site is having all the security safeguards enabled for the privacy of a matrimonial profile.

Our company policy for having a secure and private profile is rather strict and a lot of information is not even shared with the administrators handling the site.

Session Management

Each and every page is having a session management for the user to be able to browse and navigate throughout the site, without page reloads and experiencing extra data consumptions on his or her internet account.

After the expiry of a session, or a loss of session or if the browser is closed down, all session memory is deleted from the browser storage thus making it privacy friendly and totally secure at cyber cafes.

Apart from storing relevant information about the usage of this site and specific member interactions like public profile views of other profile owners, marriagecreator.com does not store any other information of its users.


For the ease of using our site, we have provided a facility of remembering a user’s login credentials in a cookie and saving it in the browser of the user. On reload of the home page or login page, the user gets his credentials prefilled in the respective fields.

If, the user has not selected the “Remember Me” option at the time of entering his email and password, then no such information is saved on his browser.

Password Encryption

We are encrypting the password of the user. Thus making it unreadable for anyone, once it is saved in our database, even we don’t know what a user has saved.

Privacy Settings Defined

By selecting and saving any of the available settings you can by choice reveal yourself selectively and communicate with the opposite gender in a much protected environment.

Privacy settings once saved will be processed instantly and your personal information would only be shared with the members you have approved.

Profile Visibility

The users have a unique facility available at this site for either letting his matrimonial profile be visible to all the other members or simply the members filtered by her or his preferred life partner settings.

By simply selecting a choice of privacy, and saving it on marriagecreator.com, the entire site will be enabled instantly for the saved choice.

For the users, who are open to all types of matrimonial profiles can skip this available option, as by default, visibility to all members is saved by as default on the creation of a profile.

Contact Details Privacy

Either users can opt for an open-ended all the time visible contact details on their profile page or the users can even make their contact details private and confidential and only upon a specific request by the other profile owner and its approval will this be displayed.

Users can also opt for a privacy limited to their preferred life partner settings, where the private and confidential data will only be revealed to the life partner settings of a user by marriagecreator.com

Uploaded Photographs are Private

Every picture which is uploaded will be displayed only after enabling a watermark on that picture, to ensure limited usage of the picture at marriagecreator.com only and also to ensure that the picture is not downloaded or misused by other profile owners.

Media Privacy

Media privacy will apply to and consists of additional pictures uploaded by the user, any audio profile uploaded by a user and also any video profile uploaded by the user.

Either users can opt for an open every time visible Media profiles on their profile page.


The users can even make their Media profiles private and confidential and only upon a specific request received from another profile owner and its subsequent approval by the user will his or her media profile be enable for display.


The users can also opt for a privacy limited to their preferred life partner settings, where the private and confidential media data will only be revealed to the profiles within the selected life partner settings of a user.

Private Profile

Currently this highly valuable site feature is available as a free-to-use feature, to all the users.

This is an option, whereby to find and search for a life-partner discreetly and upon choosing of such a high quality privacy option, will make the profile invisible in the site. Nobody can find this user in any search filters, nor the public profile will be visible to anyone inside the marriagecreator.com site and also the same profile will not be included in the sitemap of the site and will not be submitted to the public search engines.

Privacy of Recommendations

Users have the facility to add valuable recommendations received from their loved ones.

Each recommendation received by the profile owner is only displayed on his or her profile if they select it to be visible as mark it as approved.

We value each and every user’s privacy and are maintaining strict principles and creating policies to ensure that each and every user is happy using marriagecreator.com.

All Messages are Private

Messaging is a communication tool, which is of utmost importance for any relationship to take form and also is essential to proceed to the next level.

This site is fully private and confidential, when it comes to your messages and online chats with other members.

Marriagecreator.com does not keep track of any communication between two profile owners and neither shares it with anyone.

Privacy Strictness - Reported Members

Some members may be sending irritating messages to another user or trying to fish for very private details. This site is totally equipped to deal with such situations and such reporting are taken very seriously at marriagecreator.com

Members who are reported by another member are, at the sole discretion of the administration department , either warned for such behavior towards other fellow members or put on hold for some days or are blocked from this site altogether.

Privacy in Action - Blocked Members

Members who are blocked by another fellow member cannot message the same member again. The blocked member cannot even see the blocking member’s public profile and neither will be able to send any requests for the media profiles.

Once blocked by another user, the same cannot be unblocked.

The site administration department has no knowledge of such blocking events of a user, thus making it totally a private decision and affair of a user.

Privacy as an Option - Deletion of a Matrimonial Profile

A matrimonial profile is created for a specific purpose and when that purpose is resolved, the user can opt for deletion of his profile at marriaegcreator.com.

To ensure full privacy for the outgoing member, we permanently delete the profile from our database and never show the profile in any search results or include the deleted profile in the sitemap or submit the profile at public search engines.